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Interstitial Cystitis
Posted by: Jay
Date: October 3, 2000 10:45 PM

My wife has been suffering interstitial cystitis for over 2 years. In another part of this website about DMSO you mention it is legal to use for Interstitial Cystitis, "an obsure bladder disease." Would you please discuss more about this painful disease and how to cure it?

RE: Interstitial Cystitis
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: October 4, 2000 1:34 AM

Interstitial cystitis is caused by the congenital absence of a layer of the bladder, present from birth. It is therefore not curable, but it is treatable. The pain results from direct exposure of certain layers of the bladder to urine which are unprotected due to this congenital condition. While not curable, it is treatable. Removal, reduction, and dilution of all extraneous toxins is the key. One very simple thing which can be done in increased consumption of water and if it is distilled water, the result is enhanced. This dilutes the offending toxins. Removal of heavy metals is important, and this may involve dental work as well as oral chelators. Remember that the kidneys have the job of removing excess acid from the body and that acid is painful if in contact with tissue surfaces which are not designed for it. Therefore, remaining alkaline is a very important part of treatment. Some report improvement with identification of food allergies and subsequent dietary restriction. Personally, I have no experience with this approach. Although not known to be caused by bacteria, some doctors report good results by treating with antibiotics. Of course DMSO irrigation is the traditional treatment and probably works by dissolving and washing out toxic accumulations in the bladder wall.

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