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Adrenal Fatigue Test
Posted by: Allene Wahl, PhD, CNC
Date: October 3, 2000 7:57 AM

Is there a test for adrenal fatigue? Do allopaths do such testing properly for correct results?

RE: Adrenal Fatigue Test
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: October 3, 2000 12:50 PM

The test is called the ACTH Challenge Test. A baseline cortisol level is obtained (blood draw) followed by a dose of intravenous ACTH and then another cortisol level in 30 minutes. We look for at least a doubling of cortisol level after those 30 minutes and if you do not achieve that, we think your adrenals are weak. ACTH (adrenal corticotropic hormone) is the hormone the body uses to signal the adrenal gland to step up its activity to meet stress. This test requires the doctor to be in the lab to give the IV ACTH. Among allopathic docs, typically only an endocrinologist would have any idea about the existence of this test.. In addition there is the 24 hour urine collection for adrenal steroids. Think of the first test as a way of looking at the accelerating capacity of your adrenal engine and the second test as a way of gauging its idling speed.

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