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Posted by: Will
Date: September 28, 2000 1:07 AM

Five months ago experienced a strange sensation in my upper abdomen. I went to the ER to make sure I was not having any cardiac problems. They did the works on me including a stress test. All came up normal. I am a very healthy 38 year old male who excercises at least 4 times a week. The doctor in the hospital thought I might have some kind of gastritis and perscribed 30 mg. of Prevacid for 4 weeks. When I tried to get off the meds I started to experience gerd symptoms. I went to a GI specialist who looked at me and said I had gerd and precribed 15 mg. of Prevacid. I was not happy with that solution, so I went to another GI specialist who told me some people can't tolerate proton pump inhibitors and you have to be weened off them. So he performed an endoscopy and everything looked normal. So I decided to stop taking them. The reflux was horrible. After about 8 weeks of being off of them I couldn't take it any longer and went back to my GP who prescribed Aciphex. Does this sound like a vicious cycle or what? Finally found a great alternative MD who said because of these meds you have hypochlorhydria. My parietal cells atrophied and are not producing enough HCL. Finally here is my question. Because this problem occured because of medication will my parietal cells go back to normal?

RE: Hypochlorhydria
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: October 1, 2000 5:11 AM

The only thing I have found which restores dormant parietal cells to produce HCL again is a Pekana homeopathic remedy called Speci-Chol. This is a German product and relatively unknown by American doctors, so you have to find that doc who is familiar with it. Mainstream American medicine treats gastroesophageal reflux disease in the same manner as every thing else: control symptoms at almost any cost in side-effects and long term consequences so a "cure" can be pronounced and the bill mailed to the insurance company (which pays only for those types of treatments). That people persist in staying in the medical system in America is evidence that we have the souls of sheep, not men.

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