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How I cured my Buerger's Disease
Posted by: ken starnowsky
Date: September 4, 2000 6:45 PM

I want to share with everyone how I cured my Buerger's disease. Knowing it was a disease of the autoimmune system I felt that would be the first step. Also being related to the intake of pollutants from smoke, it made sense to attack the free radicals that were destroying my body. I began taking very high quality anti oxidant water soluble vitamins in mega doses. keeping in mind here, I had an ulcer behind my little toe on my right foot for over a year . All attempts to heal it had failed. Vitamin C 15,000 mg taken in three doses daily, 5000 in the AM, 5000 at lunch and 5000 at bedtime. Vitamin C per the Linus Pauling institute prevents the damage from free radicals. Vitamin E also taken three times daily- 4000 I.U. L-Lysine also taken three times daily 4000. Note, these are total amounts taken per day. B-complex- 4000 I.U. Zinc-daily recommended dosage only. EPA or fish oil, slightly elevated dosage based on individual abilities to tolerate. What is interesting is that the body will tell you when dosages may be tapered down. I began this ritual in April. By December circulation had returned to normal. Interesting, that I had to back down the level of Vitamin C by that time to eliminate diarrhea. While I was taking mega doses my body was using it, no diarrhea, urine was clear. It really was amazing. There are other nutrients I has taken also. One being a high quality protein mix with a soy bean base. However, I have contact with a woman in Ohio who has two fingers on one hand , three on the other, left leg below knee, and at Christmas the took her right leg at the hip. She is taking less expensive products which she started taking after the last amputation. She had an ulcer after the operation develop. About the size of a silver dollar and an inch deep. After taking this therapy, her ulcer, which was the first one in 15 years, began to heal. Circulation had returned to near normal by March, and by May her and her husband took their first vacation in 15 years. She no longer takes pain medication, her mental state is more positive, she is completely healed at t he site of the ulcer. Her doctor is amazed and yet will not acknowledge the fact that the vitamins and dietary changes are responsible. In January of 2000 I stopped taking them after tests revealed all signs of the disease were gone. I wanted to see if it would return. It did and it did real fast. By February I was deteriorating rapidly both physically and mentally. In March I began taking each nutrient for 30 days by itself to see which one would have the greatest effect. By June my ulcer was rearing its ugly head, In sept I began taking the full regime again. I can only walk 40 yards before claudication. However after two weeks of being back on the program m ulceration is disappearing. In closing let me briefly explain why this works. The body replaces its cellular structure once per year. The free radical damage caused by smoking cause the body to produce mutant DNA. This in turn produce mutant cells in the lamina. Also the chemical replacement in the brain, Let me touch on that one. The toxins from smoking alter the chemical reactions in the brain. Like mixing two chemicals together you produce a new and completely different chemical. These chemicals alter the DNA and the effect not only the lamina but the electrical system for the peripheral blood vessels. Incorrect signals tell the vessels to close. Raynaudís disease is also closely related to this process. With the introduction of this therapy free radical damage is eliminated. Chemical processes in the brain return to normal. Healthy DNA creates Healthy replacement cells. It took me 9 months to go from bed ridden to running a mile. it took 2 weeks for the disease to return once therapy was suspended. I suspect now that I am back on the therapy in September by Spring I should be back to normal again.

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