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liver cysts
Posted by: Maria
Date: September 3, 2000 5:32 AM

In a recent sonogram I was diagnosed with muliple fluid-filled densities measuring 6-7 cm in diameters. One of these seems to be septated and contains a small amount of debris within the base. (The possibilily of parasitic abnormalities was raised.) I was advised to find a specialist. What do you think of the product ParaCan? Would it cause an abcess in my liver if the parasites were killed? Do cysts get resolved by this product? What other herbal medicine for parasites do you know of? Should I go the medical route with its expensive invasive treatments?

RE: liver cysts
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: September 4, 2000 4:59 AM

First you need an accurate diagnosis, then you can make a rational decision. Once you have an diagnosis, you should find the sort of doctor you trust and this choice must be made on the basis of your own beliefs about medicine. Then work with that person. I have no experience with, or knowledge of, ParaCan.

RE: liver cysts
Posted by: Maria
Date: September 14, 2000 1:44 AM

In the meantime I was with a GI specialist, had an upper GI and another sonogram done. The GI came out normal, no hiatal hernia, no ulcer. The sonogram showed again an enlarged liver with fluid filled cysts. What causes benign cysts in liver? Can they replace good liver funtion? He told me to wait and see. If I still had pain from it they could go in and aspirate it. Should I insist on a specific diagnoses as my brother -in -law, a general doctor, sugested to me? Or is it safe to let it go and wait?

RE: liver cysts
Posted by: Ron Kennedy, MD
Date: September 15, 2000 3:09 AM

Now you are asking me to advise you directly and I cannot do that. Benign cysts are a mystery.

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