Dr. Kennedy
Evolution is the name of a theory by one Charles Darwin (1809-82) to explain how life appears as it does on this planet. He posited that some members of a species would develop traits that favor survival and reproduction and slowly become a distinct new species, thus “branching off” from the parent species. Darwin called this process “natural selection,” in his book On the Origin of Species published in 1859.

The theory of evolution depends on a slow progress of form from one species into the next, and proof requires the discovery of intermediate forms between, for example, species A and species B. However, these intermediate forms are curiously absent in the fossil records, so evolutionary theory remains just that: theory. Nevertheless, this theory is widely accepted as fact by the public and is a staple of faith among those of left-leaning political persuasion, but widely suspect among many real biologists and zoologists.

Apparently species simply appear suddenly and while they often resemble species which were already present, if in fact they are descended from those species there needs to be an explanation other than natural selection to explain the real world fact that intermediate forms are absent in the fossil record.

Many people of religious bent suggest “intelligent design,” which implies the intervention of God in the process. We may never know the solution to this riddle, but in the meantime it is amusing to see people fighting so fiercely for their points of view with little scientific knowledge beyond what they read in the newspaper. A good example is a person by the name of Bill Maher who has a popular television show. Maher regularly makes an idiot of himself by crudely putting down people with any beliefs other than evolution and natural selection.

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