Doctor Introduction Free Signup

Doctor Introduction Free Signup

Ron test Kennedy, M.D.

Dear Colleague,

I offer to list your medical practice in our searchable database. One of our most popular pages is the “Find A Physician” page. I invite you to explore this function, located at the top of every page.

Please notice that potential patients simply enter their zip code and a list of physicians closest to them is returned. Simply fill out the form below and your name and business will be on this list. Don’t miss out on this free opportunity! Just answer a few easy questions and you’ll be on the list in just a few minutes when the next potential patient uses this service.

The Doctors’ Medical Library ( enjoys great exposure attracting potential patients 24 hours a day! If you are not pleased with the results, you can opt out at any point at no obligation.

Professional societies websites’ listings are not loaded with informative articles and therefore do not attract significant traffic. The Doctors’ Medical Library has over 1600 articles, over 4,600 posts to Ask Dr. Kennedy, and the DML Medical Dictionary growing week by week, now in the “F”s. This volume of information translates into high rankings in the search engines in many health care related categories and thus lots of traffic which results in high exposure for your business. When you come on board, you can upgrade from the free listing and become a sponsoring member.You will then have the option to inform the public by contributing articles on your favorite medical subjects and promote yourself even more on DML. Your future patients will then find you even more easily through your own journalism.

Do you want to give your clinic a real boost? You have probably noticed the scrolling banner ads on the side of the pages, or the stationary banner ads that doctors display on our website. You can have your own banner here and your own private web page on our website! Make a smart business decision and become a member of the Doctors’ Medical Library!

Ron Kennedy, M.D.
Santa Rosa, California


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