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by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy The SanPharma Remedies are isopathic in nature and are made by the SanPharma company of Germany. This company traces its origin back to the great German microscopist and physician Günther Enderlein. The word "isopathic" refers to the nature of these potent medicines. They are made of specific compounds derived from dybiotic bacteria, fungi, and yeast organisms, the very organisms which are damaging to human health and which tend to grow in the gut. These compounds have been found to train the immune system to eliminate these organisms.

When there is any compromise of the immune system which weakens its ability to control the growth of these kinds of organisms, they proliferate in the gut and produce a condition known as "dysbiosis." Dysbiosis unbalances the entire system and accounts for many disorders which baffle doctors. When doctors cannot explain or treat an illness, they call it "idiopathic." The joke in medical school environs is that the word idiopathic means the doctor is an idiot and the patient is sick (idio - pathic).

Many skin disorders are "idiopathic" to dermatologists and many cases of insomnia are "idiopathic" to general practitioners and psychiatrists. However, most of these disorders are held in place by dysbiosis, so let's take a closer look at dysbiosis.

The gut is populated by literally billions of organisms. These organisms comprise hundreds of species. Each organism has a life of its own in that it eats your food and excretes its metabolic products into your body. "Friendly" organism manufacture useful compounds for the person who carries them. "Unfriendly" or dysbiotic organisms produce toxins (compounds that are not just neutral, but are actual poisons). These toxins unbalance systems of the body and produce illness.

80% of the immune system is located in the gut, probably because this is where we encounter the environment most strongly in the form of food and drink. The immune system is designed to regulate the micro-flora of organisms in the lumen of the gut. It does this by producing an antibody known as Secretory-A. This antibody sits on the surface of the endothelium, the layer of cells lining the gut, and it kills off dysbiotic organisms. When the immune system becomes dysregulated by toxins, Secretory-A is not made in sufficient quantity. Like weeds in a garden, with the gardener on vacation, dysbiotic organisms take over. They, in turn, produce toxins which further dysregulate the immune system and these toxins accounts for too many diseases, disorders and "syndromes" to mention here - "idiopathic" diseases.

So, the real cause (except for genetic diseases) of almost every health problem is a dysregulated immune system and if we want to get to the root of disease and dissolve the real problem to restore health, the immune system must be put back in order. The steps are rather simple, but few doctors have wrapped their minds around how to do it.

First, the source of the original toxin must be removed, whatever it is. However, this is only the beginning, because removing the source does not remove the toxins which have already been deposited in the body and are stored in cells. There are various means of detoxing and which of these is used should be determined by the kind of toxin involved. For example, if the toxic condition is mercury and the source is mercury amalgams, removing the amalgams must be followed by testing and treatment (chelation) for the metals remaining in the body which had escaped from the amalgams. This, then, is the second step: detox the body. When that is achieved we still have one more step.

The third and crucially important step is to regenerate the immune system. This is achieved with the SanPharma Protocol which is 11 weeks in duration. The proper use of this protocol restores the immune system to full functioning by provocation. The system is provoked to respond with key compounds made by dysbiotic organisms. The result is an immune system in sync with the environment in which it was designed to live. Although it may seem like a creepy thought, we are covered inside and out with billions and billions of micro-organisms. They are a vital part of our health. When we inhabit an immune system which is in tune with this world of living organisms, they are our companion travelers and they contribute enormously to health.

It is easy to spot a person with a healthy immune system. That person has a kind of glow which is unmistakable. If a person wanted nothing more than to look great from a cosmetic standpoint, the best possible thing to do would be the SanPharma Protocol. If a person wanted to roll back 20 years of aging, the best thing to do would be the SanPharma Protocol. It clears the mind and thus even allows for accelerated spiritual growth. From my point of view, the whole world should be engaged in this health quest and if I were in charge of the world, everyone would take this amazing therapy at least every two years.

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The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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