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Café au Lait Spots and Café Noir Spots Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy A café au lait spot is a flat spot on the skin that is the color of coffee with milk (French "café au lait") in persons with light skin, or a darker appearance (café noir - coffee black) than the surrounding skin in persons with dark skin. About 10% of the general population have café au lait spots. They can be removed with a Yag laser. Café au lait spots are in themselves harmless, but in some cases they may be a sign of neurofibromatosis. The presence of 6 or more café au lait spots each of which is 1.5 centimeters or more in diameter is diagnostic of neurofibromatosis. Conversely, most people with neurofibromatosis who are at least 5 years old have 6 or more café au lait spots 1.5 centimeters or more in diameter.

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