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Biphosphonates (Fosamax) (Aredia) Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy The biphosphonates are a class of drugs used to strengthen bone. Bone is in a constant state of remodeling, whereby new bone is laid down by cells called osteoblasts while old bone is removed by cells called osteoclasts. Bisphosphonates inhibit bone removal (resorption) by the osteoclasts. Bisphosphonates are used to treat osteoporosis and the bone pain from diseases such as metastatic breast cancer, multiple myeloma, and Paget's disease. The bisphosphonates include Fosamax (alendronate) and Aredia (pamidronate). I prefer to treat osteoporosis by replacement of declining bio-identical hormones, oral supplementation, and if necessary regeneration of digestive functions.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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