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Great Cholesterol Hoax Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy

Cholesterol, despite the vilification of this substance by the medical establishment, is simply an innocent bystander in the biochemical drama of vascular disease. Cholesterol is made constantly in the liver and is essential for life itself. It is the precursor for the male and female sex hormones and the adrenal cortical hormones as well. The body uses cholesterol to make these hormones.

When metabolism becomes relatively anaerobic, the enzyme systems which alter cholesterol to make these hormones are unable to function normally. This results in the accumulation of cholesterol. Thus an increased cholesterol level is a signal that metabolism has shifted toward the anaerobic and alerts us that we should do what is necessary to deliver more oxygen to the tissues and also to condition the tissues to use that oxygen more efficiently.

Cholesterol is made in the liver from acetyl-CoA, which also is used by aerobic metabolism in the Krebs Cycle. When the Krebs Cycle is not functioning well, acetyl-CoA builds up, and the production of cholesterol is accelerated, because the raw building block material, acetyl-CoA, is in abnormal excess due to the fact that it is not being used at the normal rate by the Krebs Cycle.

Therefore cholesterol level is only a marker and not the cause of the problem itself. Giving the person a drug to inhibit the production of cholesterol, while yielding great profits for the pharmaceutical manufacturers of these substances, does nothing to lower overall death rate by the mechanism of lowering cholesterol although there may be some benefit by the anti_inflammatory action of these "statin" drugs. The studies which show evidence that lowering cholesterol in this manner lowers the incidence of heart disease or death from heart attack were sponsored by the drug companies which make the drugs. This introduces investigator bias. Also, other studies demonstrate increased death rate due to automobile accident and suicide in people taking cholesterol lowering drugs. Draw your own conclusions.

The mesmerization of the public with the idea that cholesterol is somehow the cause of vascular disease has been called “The Great Cholesterol Hoax” by some writers. It is a marketing creation, which makes enormous wealth for the food and pharmaceutical industries. It also gives doctors something to do to feel useful: help you drive your cholesterol level down by artificial means.

If one takes those actions which promote aerobic metabolism it is true that the cholesterol level will drop naturally, with no medications to force it down and no dietary changes. These actions include regular aerobic exercise, supplemental vitamins and minerals and a revitalization of the hormone system. An important part of this revitalization is proper supplementation with orthomolecular hormones based on testing. I am not saying that a low fat diet is of no value. I do say, however, that compared to aerobic exercise, supplements and hormone balance, a low fat diet is only a close fourth in importance. Ideally, one would make all these changes sooner rather than later and at the very latest when the first signs of vascular and/or metabolic dysfunction appear.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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