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Beta Secretase (Beta-Secretase) Inhibition With Hispidin for Prevention of Alzheimers Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy Beta-secretase is an enzyme that appears to be directly involved in the early development of Alzheimer's disease. Beta-secretase is a protease (an enzyme that catalyses the splitting of interior peptide bonds in a protein). Beta-secretase acts by trimming off a protein protruding from a brain cell. This small snip is thought to be the first step in the buildup of microscopic balls of debris known as amyloid that are toxic to brain cells. The brain cells (neurons) gradually die and with them slowly go the person's memory and other mental faculties. The discovery of beta-secretase was made in 1999 and may lead to the development of drugs designed to block this enzyme and hopefully block the progression of Alzheimer's disease. However, as usual, nature is ahead of the pharmaceutical industry. A compound named hispidin, present in the mushroom Phellinus linteus contains hispidin. The only commercial source I have found is a product named 4-Way Virility for Men by Pure Essence Labs. However, their order process is so complex I finally gave up. I will be checking with my compounding pharmacist to see if it is available in that way.

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