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Avian Influenza (Fowl Plague) (Bird Flu) Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Avian Influenza, also called fowl plague, avian flu, and bird flu is a highly contagious viral disease with up to 100% mortality in domestic fowl. Caused by influenza A virus subtypes H5 and H7. All types of birds are susceptible to the virus but outbreaks occur most often in chickens and turkeys. The infection may be brought by migratory wild birds which can carry the virus but show no signs of disease. Humans are only rarely affected but when they are the disease is usually quite severe. Of all influenza viruses that circulate in birds, the H5N1 virus is of greatest present concern for human health for two main reasons. First, the H5N1 virus has caused by far the greatest number of human cases of very severe disease and the greatest number of deaths. It has crossed the species barrier to infect humans on at least three occasions in recent years.

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