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Atlas and Axis (First Two Cervical Vertebrae) Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy The atlas and axis joint is critical to a well functioning neck. It is, obviously, the joint between the atlas and axis bones, the first two cervical (neck) vertebrae. The atlas is just under the head and it is named for Atlas, the Greek god who supported the world on his shoulders. The axis is has what is called the odontoid process, a kind of pole-like structure which inserts into the atlas and about which the atlas rotates. The joint between the atlas and axis is a pivot type of joint. It allows the head turn from side to side. It is also called the atlantoaxial joint. The ligaments that serve to support and strengthen this joint are called the capsular; anterior and posterior atlantoaxial; and transverse ligaments. They are important structures to be strengthened in prolotherapy when weakness due to degenerative disease of the neck is repaired. atlas,axis,atlas axis joint,first two cervical vertebrae,first two neck vertebrae,first two neck bones,odontoid process,atloaxial joint,prolotherapy of the neck

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