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Arthrogryposis Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Arthrogryposis referes to joint contractures that develop before birth and are evident at birth. A newborn with arthrogryposis lacks the normal range of motion in one or more joints. Prenatal limitation of joint mobility can result from: (1) neurologic deficits including anencephaly, defects of the spine such as spina bifida, and nerve deficiencies, (2) muscle deficits including failure of muscle development, fetal diseases of muscle, myotonic dystrophy, and myasthenia gravis, (3) connective tissue and skeletal defects including fusion of bones (synostosis), failure of a joint to develop, prenatal fixation of a joint, excess laxity and of dislocation of joints, and fixation of soft tissue around the joint, (4) fetal crowding or constraint (fetal constraint occurs from lack of amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios) due to underproduction of fluid by the fetal kidneys, failure to swallow and recirculate the fluid, or chronic leakage of fluid.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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