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Juice Fasting Therapy Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy

Being grounded in knowledge relating to fasting is useless unless you apply that knowledge and actually fast. Fasting combined with colon cleansing is the fastest route to enlightenment I know of. I do it for spiritual and for health reasons which, if you think about it, are not entirely separate. I find myself much more productive when I am clear in mind and body.

If you are going to juice fast, the first thing you need is a juicer. I recommend either the Acme juicer or the Champion juicer. I have both and each does a fabulous job. The Acme juicer is better for citrus fruits (the juice of which you should not drink if you have arthritis), and the Champion juicer is best for making juice from "solid" plants such as carrots, apples, celery, etc. You can find these juicers at most large department stores. They also can be purchased through health food stores. Call around and find out locations and prices of these products. Expect to spend about $200-250 for a good juicer. This may seem like a lot of money, but it will pay for itself in thousands of dollars in saved medical bills over the years.

Once you have your juicer, the next thing you need, obviously, is something to juice. I recommend that you locate a source of organically grown fruits and vegetables. Exactly which items you choose from which to make juice is up to you. The key word here is variety. If you make a variety of juices, you will be less likely to become bored with your juice fast, and much more likely to receive a completely balanced complement of vitamins and minerals. No vitamin supplements will be necessary during your fast as you will be loaded with fresh natural vitamins and your need for co-enzymes of metabolic catalysts (vitamins) will be greatly reduced.

You should dilute all your juices with one part steam distilled water to three parts pure freshly made juice. Do not substitute bottled juice or juice made from concentrate, as these juices are robbed of most of their natural nutrition when they are prepared for market. There should be no "middle-men" between the farmer and you except perhaps the grocer.

Drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses (large table glasses) of steam distilled water every day, spread out evenly over the day. It is important that this be steam distilled water, preferably double steam distilled water, which has then been filtered using carbon filtration. It would be absurd to fast for the purpose of cleansing your body and simultaneously pour in the pollutants or anti-pollutants, chlorine and who-knows-what minerals from spring water or river water. Stay away from bottled water which does not say "steam distilled" on the label.

How about quantity of juice? Drink as much as you like as long as you dilute it three parts juice to one part steam distilled water and as long as you are drinking a great variety of juices. Do not go on a "citrus fast" or a "carrot juice fast." These sorts of fad "diets" are not good for you. Your body needs well-rounded nutrition. You should be drinking at least five different types of juices each day. This is not a diet. The objective is not to lose weight (although you will lose weight, if you are over your ideal weight) or to deprive you of calories. The objective is cleansing.

Drink your juice as soon after you make it as possible, since the freshly liberated enzymes of the plant cells begin autodigestion of the nutrients in your juice immediately after the cell plasma membranes are ruptured by your juicer. You want to digest the juice before the juice digests the juice.

With this much fluid intake you will find yourself with a full bladder most of the time, so remain close to the proper facilities and do not be alarmed. At some time during your fast, your body will release both fluids and toxins. You will be voiding even greater quantities of fluid than you are drinking in, and you will lose weight rapidly as you shed this excess fluid. This happens when the cells release their stores of sodium chloride, ordinary table salt, which is added for taste to almost all prepared foods off the grocery store shelf and out of the restaurateurs' kitchens. You have been collecting excess salt in your cells for many years.

An important part of your fast is colon cleansing. When you stop taking in solid food there is nothing to push out the food which is already in your colon. It therefore putrefies and adds even more toxicity to your system. The best way to accomplish this is to make an appointment with your colon therapist for the second day of your fast and have a thorough cleansing.

If this is not possible for you, the next best choice is to give yourself a daily enema for three days in a row. The problem with the enema route is that an ordinary enema bag contains only about half the volume of the average colon. So a good enema for these purposes consists of two bags instead of one, given one after the other before the first emptying of the colon. You should use steam distilled water only, and it should be heated to that temperature between the temperature easy for you to put your hand into and the temperature which is not quite possible to leave your hand in for more than a few seconds. This heat allows the wall of the colon to relax and accept the volume of water.

When infusing the water, keep your hand on the valve, and slow the flow if it becomes painful. An enema should not be a painful experience, but rather a pleasurable experience once you overcome the mental barriers to it. After the enema is in, you will know what to do next. When you pass the water out, try different alternate sitting positions and include pressing your thighs into your abdomen for complete evacuation of your caecum and your sigmoid colon. You will need a six-inch elevated foot rest for this maneuver. Do not do a fast without colon cleansing. This can increase the toxic build up in the colon. And, all of this should be done under the supervision of a doctor.

Between the second to fifth day of your fast, you will encounter a number of disagreeable symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc. This represents the release of stored toxins from their intracellular storage space. This is a good, although unpleasant, sign. When it passes, cleansing is almost complete. You may stop your fast on the second day after this event.

The largest problem you will encounter during your fast will be your addictions to chewing, tasting and the experience of being full of solid food. You will miss these items as an alcoholic misses the bottle. The best way to handle this situation is to have cleared your living space of solid food and always have on hand a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from which to make juice.

When it comes time to break your fast, it is important that you do so with what usually is considered "bland" food. Fresh made tomato soup is ideal. Eat slowly, and pause frequently. When you feel full, stop eating. You will feel full on much less food than you think.

When you follow a juice fast as outlined, there is no way you will become malnourished. On the contrary, you will never have been so well nourished. What you can expect from your fast is a new relationship with food. You will be satisfied with smaller quantities of healthier foods. Your craving for salt, sugar, fat and calories will disappear. You will be able to taste food again, and you will be amazed how good food can taste. Your mind will be sharper, you will be more alert and awake and functionally more intelligent.

Here are some miscellaneous helpful hints. If you live with someone, see if you can enroll that person or those people in going on the fast with you. If they are agreeable, they need access to all the information you now have. If they do not care to participate, see if you can remove yourself when they are engaged in meals. If you live alone, empty the house of solid food at the beginning of your fast, so as not to tempt yourself to give in to your addictions.

If you have other major addictions, give them up during the fast; certainly give up tobacco, alcohol and drugs if any of these are in your life. You will be amazed at how high you can get without chemicals — much higher than with.

Maintain yourself in the condition of the least possible excitement and stimulation. The ideal situation would be to go to a nunnery or a monastery for reading and meditation. Barring that, create the most similar condition possible for you.

You should add to your juice a vegetable broth spiked with liquid amino acids. Make the broth by slicing up a pot-full of variegated organically grown veggies, and bring them to a boil in steam distilled water. Then allow them to cool. When you are ready to drink your broth, add up to one tablespoon of liquid amino acids per large cup of broth. I recommend Bragg Liquid Amino Acids. Your organic grocer or health food store should stock this item.

All this nutrition will enter your body directly from the stomach, and give your digestive tract a time to rest. A lot of energy is consumed in digestion, so you will experience this surge of energy. Don't be alarmed. Have fun with it. However, do no heavy exercise until after your fast is broken. Competitive sports, hard running and weight lifting are not recommended during a fast. I recommend long walks to handle this surge of energy. Sex also is fine, in fact, recommended. On the other hand, you may experience a temporary quiescence of your sex drive. This also is fine. Do not worry. Your sex drive will come back multiplied after your fast.

Finally, I must tell you that a fast is not designed to replace treatment of diseases by a doctor. It is not a cancer cure or a replacement for surgery if surgery is needed. Naturally, a vitally healthy person can heal from illness faster, and properly conducted periodic juice fasting does produce great vitality. However, I do not want you to become irrational about the effects of fasting. What fasting is good for is cleansing and, in my opinion, cleansing is the single most potent way of preventing illness from beginning in the first place.

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