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Bio-oxidative Medicine Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy

In inorganic chemistry (that chemistry not involving carbon-based molecules) there are only two basic types of chemical reactions: oxidation and reduction. An oxidation reaction removes negative charge by removing electrons. A reduction reaction adds negative charge by adding electrons. Whether a reaction is reductive or oxidative depends on one's point of view.

For example, when iron and oxygen react together, iron is the reducing agent and oxygen is the oxidizing agent. So, if you are studying iron, the reaction is an oxidation reaction (electrons have been removed by oxygen). If you are studying oxygen the reaction is a reduction reaction (electrons have been added by iron). In reality, this is a reduction/oxidation, or redox reaction.

Iron + Oxygen (with electrons to contribute)
Iron reacted with Oxygen (electrons contributed to Iron)
Iron + oxygen + water = rust

(Rust is mixed iron oxide and iron hydroxide.)

Iron reacted with oxygen is known as "rust." Iron is changed into something entirely different through this redox reaction with oxygen. Iron is an industrially useful substance. From iron, steel can be made. No one has found a decent use for rust.

This demonstrates the power of oxygen. Oxygen has the ability to accept electrons from atoms of other elements, thus combining with these other atoms, forming a new compound. Oxygen has this action with many different elements and molecules. (Molecules are made from more than one atom.)

Anywhere oxygen comes into contact with an atom or molecule that has electrons to contribute (they are not tightly bound in the atom or molecule), oxygen will take those available electrons and transform that atom or molecule into a compound called an "oxide."

To understand how these principles are applied in medicine, review IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.


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