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McDonagh Medical Center
Edward W. McDonagh, D.O., A.G.C.P.
and Charles J. Rudolph, D.O., Ph.D.
McDonagh Medical Center in Kansas City is the premier alternative medicine clinic in the Midwest. The doctors have a combined 60+ years experience in alternative medicine. The clinic specializes in Chelation Therapy, Joint Reconstructive Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and works with Mercury detoxification in conjunction with two local mercury-free dentists. The two doctors have co-authored over 30 scientific journal articles on Chelation Therapy, the abstracts of which are listed at their web sites,, along with a brief explanation of how the therapy is thought to work. The articles show improvement in circulatory and arthritic disorders using chelation and other alternative medical modalities and includes many graphics such as angiograms and doppler studies before and after treatment. Our 10, 000+ square foot facility in Kansas City is perhaps the largest in the Midwest devoted to the alternative and complimentary medicine and treats patients from within a 300 mile radius of Kansas City and sometimes even beyond.

To better understand what McDonagh Medical Center offers, click the following list of specialties in natural medicine:

Location: Edward W. McDonagh, D.O., A.G.C.P.
and Charles J. Rudolph, D.O., Ph.D.
Map to McDonagh Medical Center
2800-A Kendallwood Parkway
Kansas City, MO  64119    U.S.A.
Phone:(816) 453-5940
Fax:(816) 453-1140
Web Site:

Staff Photos

Dr. McDonagh Dr. Rudolph

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