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Energy Medicine in the Treatment of Cancer Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Something animates the body. What exactly it is which gives life to otherwise dead meat may not be knowable in scientific terms. However, there are many manifestations of this force. When one considers a living being, one must consider what can be seen and what cannot be seen. When you walk by a telephone line you do not see something which would indicate to you the thousands of conversations whizzing back and forth over that line. Nevertheless, those conversations are happening. Likewise, when you look at the body, you cannot necessarily see the communications happening between billions of cells. Nevertheless, those communications are happening. If they were not happening, life would not be happening.

The physical energy of the body is expressed as electromagnetic fields. These fields are not visible, and yet they can be measured. The results obtained through acupuncture, for example, are based upon the ability of these therapies to alter these fields. This is the paradigm which gives meaning to acupuncture.

Within this paradigm, it should be possible to treat all illness, and cancer should be no exception. In the profound disturbance which is cancer, there should be an electromagnetic component, which, if correctly altered, should give a solid push toward recovery.

Bioelectric Therapy

The term "bioelectric therapy," in relationship to cancer, refers to the work of Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971). This Nebraska-born, scientist/inventor, who lived out his professional life in San Diego, California, developed a light microscope capable of magnification to 60,000X with a resolution of 31,000. This was remarkably superior to ordinary light microscopes and even superior to the electron microscope, in that it made possible the study of living cells under fantastic magnification. (With an electron microscope, whatever is being studied must first be killed. Therefore, what one is actually studying is a corpse.)

To his amazement, Rife was able to observe bacteria in the living state transform into viruses. He found that these same viruses were present in the blood of ninety percent of people with cancer, and that injection of these viruses into experimental animals produced cancer. Rife concluded that bacteria, at least the bacteria he was observing, could change form — demonstrating, similar to the manner of parasites, different forms in different stages of life. Concurrent to these observations, Rife developed a frequency generator and was able to kill the organisms he saw under the microscope with specific frequencies.

In 1934, Rife was invited by the University of Southern California Medical Clinic to undertake the treatment of sixteen terminal cancer patients. After treatment, fourteen of the sixteen are said to have been cured by a panel of supervising doctors. The treatment consisted of three-minute sessions, three times each week on the Rife Machine.

The AMA and the California State Board of Public Health undertook a systematic campaign of suppression of Rife's work through harassment of physicians who were working with him. Doctors were threatened, one associate was shot at, another had his lab, which was working to independently duplicate Rife's results, burned to the ground — proving once again that capitalism and humanitarian medical genius cannot live together in the same country without one becoming a predator of the other. A cheap, simple approach to cancer treatment could not be allowed to put the cancer industry out of business.

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