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Food Myth #1: If it's in the store, it must be okay. Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy You have never heard a commercial about food which has represented food as bad for you. Each piece of programming you have received, regarding food, relates to its health-giving, life-giving properties. Even milk! Even fizzy soft drinks! Even beer! Even candy! As a result of a lifetime of listening, watching, and reading food commercials, you have a large store of attitudes toward food, programmed into your mind, which are unrelated to the facts about those foods.

Therefore, when you walk into a grocery you believe that you are not only safe, you believe that you are in a friendly place where your nutrition and well-being are important. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In the eyes of the grocer or restaurateur, you are a pocketbook with money in it. The objective is to have you leave the store with as little money in your pocketbook as possible. This is capitalism. The store or restaurant will display for you, in an attractive fashion, whatever will best separate you from your money. Your addictions and your programming will be catered to.

Therefore, the proper attitude in a grocery store or restaurant is the same attitude you should have if you are a soldier traversing a mine field. Make the right choices and you come out all right. Make mistakes and you die. In the case of a mine field, you die quickly. In the case of a grocery store or restaurant, you die slowly. Shop with the idea that the food store is a mine field!

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