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Food Myth #13: It is natural to eat more as you grow older and to weigh more as well. Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Many people accept increased weight with age as the price of aging. A teenager has no excuse for a big belly and thunder thighs; however, a forty-year-old person has a commonly accepted excuse. What really happens with age is that the digestive system is abused with sugar (which causes degeneration of the digestive organs, as well as other organs of the body) and other addictive substances, which are poison to the body (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, for example), which cause degeneration of the digestive system. The result is that the digestive system is less and less able to extract needed nutrition from the foods presented to it. The result is a compromised, inefficient digestive system with an increased appetite as the body asks vainly for more nutrition through the mechanism of increased hunger.

When a large volume of food is consumed, often of the fatty variety, the colon, which is affected by these degenerative processes as well, requires more time to do its job. There is a kind of log jam in the colon, and this shows up as a belly somewhat larger than the natural state. Sometimes this process manifests in the teenage years or even earlier. Not knowing what to do with all the empty calories, the body stores them as fat, saying, in effect, "I'll figure this out later."

Most people can recall themselves as slim and trim as teenagers, and for these people the natural weight also is the weight of the body in late teens, seventeen to eighteen or so. You are not complete with your reeducation about nutrition until you are at that weight, using only natural changes without starving yourself. This does not mean you should panic about being overweight, but simply keep learning, and apply what you learn using your weight as one of your gauges. You do not have to settle for being overweight, nor should you have to suffer to come back to your ideal weight, unless you just want to. Settle for nothing less than your ideal weight!]

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