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Food Myth #2: Fast food is fun food. Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy I have an idea for a new fast-food chain. It is called The Feedbag Restaurants." When you go in, you pay your money, and a feedbag (like that for a horse) is strapped around your neck. It is flexible, so when you are ready to eat more, you simply squeeze the bag. You may go about your business as you eat, because your hands are free. The stuff in the feedbag is a mixture of textured fat with plenty of sugar and salt. You can have it with or without alcohol and with or without caffeine. When you come to The Feedbag Restaurant you will be eating more or less the same nutrition people receive at other fast-food restaurants, only it will be much faster. (By the way your feedbag comes with a very large napkin.)

Not such a great idea is it? Neither is fast food. You can have no idea of the method of preparation of food which you have not prepared yourself or seen prepared. Fast food is loaded with the stuff which addicts you and which tastes good: fat, sugar and salt, which also, by the way, causes degenerative diseases. Never eat in a fast-food restaurant!

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