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Food Myth #4: Cooking helps digest food. Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy You grew up in a culture where almost everything people eat is cooked. It is very hard to question the wisdom of cooking when it is almost all there is, except for salads. The common wisdom about cooking is that it increases digestibility and enhances flavor. The fact is, cooking, for most foods, causes them to be broken down, thus destroying many of the nutrients in the process, necessitating more frequent meals.

There are some foods which must be cooked to be eaten, because they simply are too hard to eat without cooking. This is a small minority of the foods you eat. Meat should certainly be well cooked before eating; however, meat is a slow poison anyway. As to flavor, this is a matter of habit. If you habituate yourself to cooked foods, naturally they will taste best to you. If you can eat it raw, do so!

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