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Food Myths Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Western civilization has created a degree of affluence unmatched in human history. Although all of us must eat food to survive, fewer of us than ever before are close to the farm where food is produced. Most of us see food in the grocery store and restaurant and give very little thought to its source.

Capitalism has wonderful attributes; however, as a system for bringing to market the kinds of food which lead to maximum health and vitality, it fails miserably. The advent of advertising and the profit motive has led to a kind of mass hypnotism regarding food, of which you and I are part. When selecting food to eat, you have virtually no chance of thinking for yourself, unless you have gone to great pains to educate and reprogram yourself about food.

The purpose of the following hyperlinks is to plant in your mind key concepts and bits of information, which will allow you to think for yourself. Here are common myths about food.

Food Myth #1

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