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Glandulars and Live Cell Therapy Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Glandulars are extracts of animal organs containing not only the hormones associated with those organs, but also other substances contained in those organs — some of which have yet to be isolated and identified. Glandular therapy is the oldest of supplement therapies, dating back thousands of years, having been used by the ancient Hindus, Egyptians and Greeks.

The theory behind glandulars is a deceptively simple: "like heals like." Therefore, to successfully employ a glandular, theoretically at least, one must only identify the function which one wants strengthened, know the gland associated with that function and administer the glandular extract associated with that gland.

Glandulars have a dramatic history with strong polarization on the question of their efficacy. There have been outrageous, and certainly unsupportable, claims for the miracle healing power of glandulars. The reaction of the mainstream medical community to this kind of activity has been a total repudiation of glandulars. The truth undoubtedly lies somewhere in between these extremes.

Live cell therapy was begun in Europe in 1931 by a Swiss physician, Paul Niehans, who treated a woman whose parathyroid had been accidentally removed surgically. Dr. Niehans, knowing that the woman would die untreated, went for broke by injecting whole diced parathyroid gland from a freshly slaughtered sheep. The woman survived and lived into her nineties. Dr. Niehans went on to develop live cell therapy, which still thrives in Europe and Mexico and is recognized by the medical communities in those countries as legitimate and effective.

So, you can spend about $5,000 and go to Europe for live cell therapy or you can treat yourself with oral glandulars for about $10. Most people knowledgeable about glandulars believe that oral glandulars work on the same principles as live cell therapy, namely by providing the body not only the major hormone associated with a gland, but all the trace elements as well. Oral glandulars are certainly safer than intravenous cells from other species, which have the possibility of stimulating severe anaphylactic reaction and shock.

Before you scoff at live cell therapy and glandulars, consider the fact that the well-acccepted practice of bone marrow transplant is the cousin of live cell therapy, in that live cells are injected into the patient. The major difference is that the cells in a bone marrow transplant are of the human variety. The same holds true of the new technique of injecting live fetal brain and adrenal cells into the brains of Parkinson's disease patients. Both these procedures are on the forefront of accepted medical research.

The objective in glandular therapy is to stimulate renewed, vigorous and healthy activity of aged or diseased cells by supplying natural cell stimulators found in the tissue of the corresponding organ of an animal. Even trace amounts of these cell stimulators are sufficient to do the job, so it is irrelevant that most of them are destroyed by stomach acid. Because of the action of stomach acid, most glandulars are enteric coated. There is no doubt that glandulars make a difference. These are powerful preparations, which should be used carefully.

Following is a list of glandulars with their therapeutic effects.

  • Pancreatic Concentrate supplies digestive enzymes which not only aid in the digestion of food but also stimulate the pancreas to increase its own production of enzymes. It also stabilizes blood sugar and, before the isolation of insulin, was the treatment of choice for diabetes.
  • Heart Tissue Extract has been shown to stimulate the regeneration of diseased heart muscle in animal experiments.
  • Raw Liver Concentrate boosts resistance to disease, endurance, performance and strength over and above the effect of the vitamins and minerals contained.
  • Testicular Concentrate and Prostate Extract stimulate the regeneration of these organs and enhance sexual performance in the male.
  • Stomach Concentrate aids in the healing of ulcers both of the stomach and duodenum as well as enhances the absorption of vitamin B12.
  • Duodenal Concentrate enhances digestion, heals and protects the digestive tract from ulcers and enhances the absorption of B12.
  • Thymus Extract boosts the immune power of individuals with compromised immunity. Spleen Extract stimulates the immune system, especially in people with Hodgkin's disease.
  • Adrenal Extract boosts the body's ability to deal with stresses such as infections, physical challenge, allergens and sexual stimulation.
  • Lung Concentrate is recommended for all types of lung disease.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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