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A Dental Trip to Costa Rica Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy Recently I reached that stage in life when radical dental treatment was required to avoid becoming a toothless wonder. Because I practice anti-aging medicine I expect to have about 50 more years even if there are no further advances in the meantime, and I expect to enjoy my youth for almost all of those 50 years. That sounds unlikely, but it is a very rational projection if you know what I know.

So, I asked my dentist here is the U.S. what it would take to allow me to keep my chompers into extreme young old age. "You must have 27 crowns. That will cost $43,200 ($1600 each)!"

Gulp! Therefore, I did a bit of research and found the Costa Rica Dental Team in San Jose, Costa Rica. I made my appointment and ordered my plane ticket and left out of SFO on Sept. 20.

In San Jose I found an extremely lovely and large dental clinic and a large modern dental lab established and run by an entrepreneur from Michigan.

Turns out they make crowns and implants for many dentists in the U.S. This explains why we have to wait here in the U.S. one week between the time impressions are made and the time the crowns or implants show up.

I spent 4-1/2 days in a dental chair and at the end I came out with a magnificent dental condition thanks to the devoted work and expertise of Dr. Alejandra Quesada, the best dentist I have ever met.

The cost: $400 per crown. Total: $10,800. One root canal added $300. Cost of the trip to and from Costa Rica: $900. Cost of the hotel $500. Total cost: $12,500.

So, to summarize:

Cost in the U.S. (crowns and root canal): $44,400
Cost in Costa Rica: $12,800
Money saved: $31,600

As one of my patients said "An insane savings."

As to Costa Rica, I can't even tell you how wonderful are the people and how beautiful the country. They are famous for adoring the U.S. and Americans. My feelings for them are mutual, all the Ticas and Ticos.

So if you, your friends or loved ones need extensive dental work, here is the information you need:

The Costa Rica Dental Team

Contact Person: Eugenio Mendoza

US Toll-Free (866) 694-6226 • (866) 895-1718



The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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