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Dr. Kennedy A person's blood type is A, B, or both (AB) or O. The letters stand for the three types of antigens attached to the red blood cells. Whichever you have, you can be a "secretor" or a "non-secretor." A secretor has blood cells which shake loose some of the antigens which float around in the blood alongside the cells but not attached to the cells and block lectins - which are carbohydrate binding proteins (called glycoproteins) present in food. Non-secretors do not let go of their antigens (which stay bound to their red blood cells). If you are, for example, an A blood type there are certain foods which you do not tolerate. However if you are an A secretor the effect is not very serious unless you really overdose with those foods because the A antigen is loose and available to neutralize the compounds from those foods which are toxic to you. If you are a non-secretor and you eat foods not suited to a blood type A individual, then you are in trouble right away. You feel terrible when you eat those foods because they make you toxic and the toxins are not neutralized by A antigens because the A antigens are tightly bound to the red cells in an A non-secretor. About 20% of people are non-secretors. A prefered food list for each blood type, also a test kit for and also treatments for non-secretors (called Deflect - Deflect A, Deflect B, Deflect AB and Deflect O) are easily found on Google. These preparations substitute for the antigens which are especially deficient in a non-secretor.

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