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Dr. Kennedy Akinetopsia is caused by a lesion in area V5 of the extrastriate cortex. It can also be caused as a side effect of certain antidepressant drugs, or due to damage by a stroke or certain brain surgeries. Akinetopsia is a rare neuropsychological disorder, a disorder between the nervous system and mental functions, in this case between the brain and motion perception. In this disorder the person affected by it cannot perceive motion. Imagine the effects of a strobe light and how you do not seem to detect motion, but rather see a series of still images. However, there is more to akinetopsia than perceiving a series of changing static images without motion. Recall pictures of city lights taken while in a moving car at night. The lights have a comet-like trail behind them. For people with this disorder, the comet trail of images is present as well. The movement of an arm can appear as several, fuzzy arms trailing after the original one. Only when objects come to a stand-still is the world around them seen normally. However, when things are moving there is a trail of repetitive images, such as one dog appearing several times in a trail after itself which then catch up to the original image when that object is standing still. In some cases akinetopsia can be treated by brain surgery or discontinuation of antidepressants.

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