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by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy We find ourselves in the middle of an ocean of myth and misinformation regarding nutrition, in a circumstance so flooded with advertisement and dogmatic belief that even doctors and nutritionists are held prisoners to this ignorance. Our very lives are threatened by the foods we eat, and the danger begins in the crib where mother, thinking she is doing a good thing, offers a synthesized mixture of proteins and chemicals called "formula." Mothers are convinced by their pediatricians that formula is good for babies, and pediatricians are, in turn, convinced by the infant formula industry, which spends millions of dollars every year to continue the brainwash of doctors in the form of an ocean of "helpful," unsolicited literature, and "research" grants, etc.

A massive amount of high-powered advertising has overcome common-sense reliance on nature. Mother's milk as the obvious way to nourish a human being in the first years of life is no longer a given. Without mother's milk, a human being in the first year of life is much more susceptible to bacteria and viruses and twice as susceptible to crib death. The effect of this threat is greatest in underdeveloped countries where children are exposed to unsanitary conditions which challenge their immune systems.

Once you have survived childhood, usually due to the timely treatment of infections with antibiotics, you become a potential customer for the meat, dairy and processed food industries. In a capitalist society, the survival of these industries depends on their ability to brainwash you into thinking that their products are necessary for a healthy life.

The assault on your consciousness begins with commercials, which punctuate kid shows on TV. Or is it that the kid shows punctuate the commercials? The assault continues in the classroom where teacher has been brainwashed into presenting you with "nutritional information" about the importance of the "Basic Food Groups": meat, milk, vegetables and fruits, and bread and cereals. Our children are presented with the "food pyramid," which suggests to them that each of these food groups is necessary to a healthy life. Even the poster which teacher uses for this "education" is provided by these food industries. The realities of food and nutrition are not taught to children, because teachers themselves are without a clue. Go visit the school lunch room and, if you know anything about nutrition beyond what you read in Cosmopolitan or the Readers' Digest, you will be alarmed.

Most of our children are growing up on a high-carbohydrate diet, dominated by bread, pasta, and processed foods, because that is the current fad about what is healthy. The meat they are presented is also processed and full of saturated fat and cholesterol. They down it with a glass of milk, full of homogenized bovine xanthine oxidase which will be deposited in the plaques which form in the arteries of children on this sort of diet. Then there is the prodigious amount of candy our children consume — probably because parents are addicted to the stuff themselves, or willing to give the kids anything to distract them and not have to give them the parental attention they so badly need.

Take a look at how people are faring on the standard American diet (SAD). Observe a cross section of people at a shopping mall, for example. The first thing you will notice is obesity. Most people are more than a little overweight, and many are downright fat. Look closer, and you will see acne and rotting teeth. Ask a few questions about their medical history, and you will discover an alarming number of people taking medication for high blood pressure, constipation, stomach problems, and headache.

People are aging and dying before their time. When these people go to their doctors, they are given pills to take and very little advice about the cause of their diseases. Doctors themselves typically practice very poor health habits. The classic example is the plate of donuts served with coffee at a cardiology conference! Not even the average doctor knows nutrition in depth. And dieticians, well my advice is not to bother listening to any of them. They are the people who design the menu with which you are presented if and when you check into a hospital! It's worse than the food which got you to the hospital, believe it or not.

The powerful food and pharmaceutical industries pour billions of dollars into advertising campaigns, and they also fund research designed to convince you that their products are good for you. The final result is that people do not associate their poor health and lack of vitality with the food they eat or the drugs they take. Obesity and poor health is taken as a given, as inevitable, as if one inherits these conditions!

The dairy industry tells us that if we do not drink their milk, we will not have strong bones and teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Milk is laden with fat — which would be all right, except that the fat-eating enzyme (lipase) has been destroyed by pasteurization — leading to free radical production and thus to degenerative diseases such as arthritis and heart disease. The lactose content in milk is equally hard on the body as plain table sugar. Yet you are told "Milk, it does a body good!" Milk does a body good only if you like to have excess gas, allergies, stuffy nose and degenerative diseases. This stuff`is made for baby cows, not human beings. Even baby cows would not do well on homogenized, pasteurized milk, processes which destroy most of the nutritional value of milk.

Homogenization forces milk through tiny canals under extremely high pressure. This coats the milk protein with fat, creating millions of tiny fat balls with protein trapped inside giving homogenized milk its smooth consistency and preventing separation of the fat and protein. Therefore, you do not have to bother shaking the milk before pouring, as was done before homogenization became a standard practice.

One of these proteins in milk is an enzyme called "xanthine oxidase." When arterial plaque is analyzed, what do you suppose is found there? Bovine (i.e., from cows) xanthine oxidase. Where do you suppose it comes from? Homogenized, pasteurized milk, of course. These processes produce milk in which the cream cannot rise to the top, but which also cannot be properly digested.

When your health is finally destroyed, and you enter the hospital, the food that greets you is the same food (or worse) which brought you to the hospital! Even hospital "nutritionists" or "dieticians" know next to nothing about the effects of foods on the body, yet they are allowed to create the menus for sick people! Those good nutritionists who do understand these things are instructed, by profit-conscious hospital administrators, to toe the budget line or else. The big problem is that almost no one thinks for him/herself or bothers to find out the truth of the matter about food. Even vegetarians, who believe their choice to be the right choice, do not know why.

Our Pathetic Diet is Something New

Prior to 1900, the type of diet now prevalent in the West was unavailable throughout the world except to the very rich. High-protein, cooked foods, such as red meats, cheeses, eggs, as well as refined sugar and flour, etc., were rarely eaten by the average person, and when they were, they were considered delicacies. The exception was the classical fat monarch consuming an almost exclusively fat and protein diet and suffering gout for his reward.

Degenerative disease is not programmed into the genes. It is meant for a human being to be healthy, thin, attractive and full of life for at least 95 years, longer for some people. Few people realize this potential because of disease derived from contact with the environment. We contact the environment through food, water and air. Air is the most important in terms of volume, food and water are tied for second.

If you want to live a long, healthy life, free from degenerative diseases ordinarily associated with aging, you must adopt a health-supporting diet. The diet which best supports health is a balanced diet of ten parts carbohydrates to seven parts protein, on a caloric, weight, or volume (all the same) basis. Where fat is concerned, it will take care of itself, as it will come associated with healthy sources of protein. You can resign from the American Fat Phobia Club (also known as the Fat American Club) and be healthy.

Proper sources of carbohydrates are vegetables, the kind with color, not the white stuff like potatoes and rice. The stuff without color is relatively empty of vitamins. The healthiest source of protein is soy bean. If you must eat meat, stick with fish and skinless poultry only occasionally.

You may ask why these particular percentages. The answer is that these percentages have been demonstrated to balance a hormonal system in the body called the "eicosanoids." The eicosanoid system senses an imbalance of your diet through insulin and glucagon output from the pancreas. These hormones alter your fatty acid metabolism to produce arachidonic acid which leads to the "Series Two Eicosanoids." These are the so-called "bad" eicosanoids which make you feel ill and which cause degenerative disease.

When the eicosanoids are out of balance, your immune system is depressed, resulting in fatigue and more frequent infections. You have headaches, you need more sleep, have less physical strength and energy, and your digestion is off.

In a certain sense, people of the third world are more fortunate than you, because they cannot afford a diet of processed foods, low in fiber and laced with pesticides and herbicides. They exist on the likes of vegetables, corn, and soy which they grow for themselves. These people are not afflicted with degenerative diseases although they are, unfortunately, exposed to poor sanitation and thus infective and parasitic diseases you are less likely to encounter (although thirty percent of Americans are infected with parasites).

People of the third world also experience famine, with hunger and starvation, from time to time. It is true that longevity is greater in developed countries; however, this is not because of diet but rather because of better sanitation and an abundance of food.

People eat primarily to satisfy hunger. Hunger is tricky business. You may not be hungry until certain foods become available. A dish of ice cream can transform a state of satisfaction into ravaging hunger. The presence of tasty carbohydrates and the over-reliance on complex carbohydrates as a food source result in rampant obesity in America. People also eat to gain the nutrients needed by the body. Fast foods, processed foods and high-cereal-and-grain- content foods, such as pasta and bread, are lacking in many of the nutrients needed by the body.

Between craving for rich foods and this state of over consumptive malnutrition, lies the explanation for the high incidence of obesity in developed countries like Germany, England and especially the U.S. People eat a load of rich food, which inspires hunger by its mere richness but lacks basic nutrients. Trying to get the needed nutrients, the body signals you to eat more through the mechanism of hunger. Soon the stomach is stretched to a size much larger than nature intended. Because a full stomach is then harder to achieve, the sensation of emptiness and hunger is reinforced.

Diets Don't Work

Dieting, in the sense of restricting calories, does not work to stay slim, because you are asked to limit the amount of food you eat in order to limit the number of calories which enter your body. You should be able to rely on hunger as an effective tool to lose weight, but you cannot, if you eat a diet of addictive, carbohydrate-rich foods. If you eat a balanced diet, you feel filled, and you can rely on your hunger to tell you how much food you need. This will lead to weight loss without dieting, if you are overweight — but not overnight.

Meat Contains Toxins

If you eat meat, you are eating the muscle tissue of dead animals — which is made of protein, fat and a small amount of carbohydrate. Unfortunately, you also are eating a number of other items. These animals are fed artificially, in most cases, and the foods they are fed have been grown using herbicides and pesticides. These environmental contaminants are fat soluble and become concentrated in the fatty tissue of these animals. When you eat their flesh, you get these environmental contaminants in concentrated form. You also receive a stiff dose of the hormones, stimulants and antibiotics fed to these animals to make them produce the most meat possible in the shortest time possible.

Chicken, farmed fish, dairy products, and eggs, unless produced using strict organic protocol, are not exceptions to these conditions. A breakdown of the contents of milk products shows that they can be considered liquid meat and are loaded with environmental contaminants, hormones, stimulants and antibiotics. Skim milk is no solution either for, although stripped of fat, it is still laden with milk protein and lactose, the two most offensive ingredients in milk, plus it is still deficient in vitamins and minerals, and it contains no fiber at all.


Eggs are another story. If they are cooked with the yolk exposed to air, their cholesterol is oxidized and becomes worse than useless to the body. Oxidized cholesterol is the stuff which is attracted to, and deposited in, the inner lining of arteries in the scorbutic (vitamin C deficiency)/hyperinsulinemia/free radical disease known as atherosclerosis.

While unoxidized cholesterol in the yolk of an egg is actually a good antioxidant, as well as a precursor to many of the hormones your body makes, the white of the egg may stimulate allergy in some people. If you are one of those people, you should avoid eggs, or at least the white part. If you eat eggs, be sure they are boiled or poached. This way you avoid the grease associated with frying, and you are sure the yolk has not been broken and the cholesterol oxidized. You should be able to eat two or three properly prepared eggs per day without a problem.

Some nutritionists of note say that you may eat as many boiled or poached eggs as you wish, and I know some of them who have consumed ten and more eggs per day for years. They report their blood cholesterol to be normal. If you are particularly fond of eggs, I suggest that you eat as many eggs as you want daily for one week, then go for cholesterol tests. If these come out normal, then you can consider yourself to have no restrictions regarding eggs as long as you do not increase your consumption to above that number you ate the week preceding the cholesterol tests.

Be certain that the eggs you eat are made by uncaged chickens, fed vegetarian, organic feed. Caged chickens cannot peck around, and they end up mineral deficient, as do their eggs. All this information should be clearly printed on the egg carton you buy at your organic grocery store. It should read something like "from organic, vegetarian-fed, non-caged chickens."

Animal meat and animal products, such as milk and milk-derived products, are foods you are able to consume in excessive quantity only because human beings have created the technology to mass produce them. The same is true for cereal and grain-derived foods: pastries, breads and pastas. This places you at the top of the food chain where, at a price, you can consume concentrated doses of unhealthy foods, contaminants, stimulants and antibiotics. You must make yourself aware that being at the top of this food chain is a deadly privilege.

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