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Mesenchyme (Connective Tissue), Chemical Sensitivities, and Detoxification Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy Many "allergens" are actually toxins. The connective tissue of the body, collectively knows as the "mesenchyme," is a toxic waste dump designed to protect the body from sudden ingestion of toxic materials. It acts as a sponge for toxic challenges. It makes up a large percentage of body weight and has a large capacity for toxins. However, it does have a maximum capacity and when that capacity is reached the next toxic load has no place to go and spreads throughout the rest of the body reeking havoc as it spreads. This explains the onset of "chemical sensitivities." Steps toward improvement would be: (1) detoxification and (2) cessation of toxin ingestion. Number two requires that you be able to identify toxins. Examples are non-organically prepared food, drugs of all sorts, petrochemicals of all sorts, common household cleaning materials, city air, tap water, and dental amalgams. As to items such as mold which are classic allergens, those allergies sometimes disappear through detoxification. This may require up to one year to accomplish, but it can often be done. It may also involve clearing up metabolic problems that involve yeast and other dysbiotic organisms, the overgrowth of which points to dysfunction of the immune system. If you have reached that level, you will need the help of a doctor, but not just any doctor because few actually have a clue about how to deal with that level of illness. For that discussion, I refer you to "Basis of Physical Health," the red tab on left, or just click here. The role of nutrients in detoxification is that they help your liver speed up detoxification just enough to clear some space in the mesenchyme.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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