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Dr. Kennedy Diastrophic dysplasia is an inherited skeletal disorder involving short stature (dwarfism). Characteristic features at birth include short birth length with short limbs (short-limbed dwarfism), "hitchhiker thumb," and clubfeet. Palatal malformations such as cleft palate or submucous cleft of the palate are present in 50%. There is swelling of the ears in the first days to weeks of life in 80% of children; the swelling then spontaneously subsides but later the ears have a "cauliflower" appearance. Fingers are short and broad and show ulnar deviation (are inclined away from the thumb). The thumb itself has a hitch-hiker-type appearance. There is increased death rate in infancy due to problems breathing, but thereafter people with diastrophic dysplasia have a normal life span. Orthopedic problems are common. The joints can be dislocated, especially the shoulder, elbows, hips, and patellae (knee caps). Flexion contractures of the knees and shoulders are common.

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