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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) (Economy Class Syndrome) Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) involves a blood clot (thrombus) forming usually in a deep vein in the thigh or leg. The clot can break off as an embolus and make its way to the lung, where it can cause respiratory distress and even respiratory failure. Deep vein thrombosis is sometimes called the "economy-class syndrome." Even in young, healthy travelers, long stretches of time spent immobilized in the cramped seat of an aircraft with very low humidity sets the stage for formation of a blood clot in the leg.

Prevention involves regular exercise, proper repair of incomptement (serpentine) veins, frequent stretching onling drips and in general good health habits (which tends to avoid hypercoagulability). Techniques for repairing veins are carried out by the methods of sclerotherapy.

Treatment is accomplished by anticoagulants whether pharmaceutical (like Coumadin) or natural (such as large dose vitamin E and Nattokinas).

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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