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Dr. Kennedy What doctors know about the real cause of dandruff would fit on the head of a pin which is where a tiny fungus called Pityrosporum ovale would also fit. This fungus lives on human bodies and scalp all the time, usually without causing a problem. Unfortunately, for some people, it can get out of control... leading to dandruff. Dandruff, while a nuisance, can be considered a symptom of a metabolism gone out of balance. Dandruff requies both Pityrosporum ovale and a persistent condition of acidity in the extracellular space. The best way to measure that is with pH paper applied to saliva. A pH consistently below 7.0 (neutral) indicates acidity and this is the environment in which Pityrosporum ovale prospers. While it is possible to control dandruf, or at least suppress it with special shampoos, it is more important to get at the real cause. The causes of acidity are, in general, stress, diet, and infection (acute or chronic, obvious or hidden).

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