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Dr. Kennedy Cross-species transplantation (aka xenotransplantation) involves transplantation of tissue from one species to another, The rationale for xenotransplantation includes the short supply of human organs for transplantation. The first surgeon to do an animal-to-human heart transplant was Dr. James D. Hardy. After doing the first human lung transplant in 1963, Hardy did the first animal-to-human heart transplant in 1964 at the University of Mississippi. The transplant involving a chimpanzee heart was done three years before the first human-heart transplant by Christiaan Barnard. The most famous case of cross-species transplantation was that of a heart from a baboon to Baby Fae in 1984, performed by Dr. Leonard Bailey at Loma Linda University, California. Baby Fae lived for 20 days after the operation. The first to show that nonhuman organs could be transplanted to humans and function for a significant period of time was Dr. Keith Reemtsma (1925-2000).

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