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by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Natural sulfur (methyl sulfonyl methane) is a nutritional food supplement found in all foods — fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. MSM is highly volatile so we lose most of this absolutely important mineral by heating, drying, and processing our food.

Water, salt, and sulfur are three major components in your body. Unless your diet is composed primarily of raw foods, it is unlikely that you are receiving enough Organic Sulfur to maintain optimum health.

Natural Sulfur is the flexible bond between proteins. When the old cell dies and the new cell forms, the new cell attaches but becomes rigid if there is not enough organic sulfur in your body. Your body requires a constant nutritional sulfur supply to build the healthy, flexible cells needed for proper organ and glandular functioning and for beautiful, soft skin.

Vitamins and amino acids work with organic sulfur to create vital, healthy cells. Vitamin C is especially essential. When you create a new molecule of flesh, you use up vitamin C. When your body repairs itself, it needs vitamin C. I recommend that you take equal amounts of organic sulfur and vitamin C to see immediate results.

Some benefits of using organic sulfur are: reduction of pain by reducing muscle inflammation and flushing out lactic acid; reduces wrinkles, cracking skin, scar tissue, hardening of arteries, and emphysema; controls headaches, cramps and hot flashes; increases blood circulation; controls allergic responses to pollen and foods; controls stomach acidity and reduces ulcers; controls hyper-sensitivity to drugs; alleviates constipation and parasite problems; facilitates carbohydrate metabolism; controls Candida; reduces arthritis symptoms; relieves asthma; makes hair and nails grow faster and stronger; and controls Alzheimer's disease.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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