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Conjoined Twins (Siamese Twins) Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy Conjoined twin are identical (monozygotic - derived from one egg and one sperm) twins that did not separate fully from one another but are still partially united. Due to the incomplete division of one fertilized ovum. Conjoined twins are popularly known as Siamese twins after Chang and Eng (1811-1874), the celebrated conjoined Chinese twins born in Siam (Thailand). The incidence of conjoined twins in about one in 40,000 births.

Conjoined twins whose heads are fused together is referred to as craniopagus (from cranio relating to the cranium + the Greek pagos, referring to something fixed). Synonyms are: syncephaly and janiceps. (from Janus, the Roman God of gates with faces in both directions). Then there is craniopagus parasiticus which are twins joined at the head in which a rudimentary head (with little or no body) is attached to the head of the larger and usually more normal twin.

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