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Political Situation in Nutritional Medicine Print E-mail
by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Kennedy Nutritional medicine — the kind of medicine I practice and which you may prefer — is under a renewed and sustained attack. Unless we — you and I personally — fight back and fight back effectively, our kind of healing will become a thing of the past. I would not mind making history, but not this way, no thanks.

The secret battle plans drawn up by the Federation of State Medical Boards have leaked out, complete with "hit lists" of doctors who are targeted for harassment for nothing more than practicing good medicine and avoiding drugs and surgery. The plan underway is nothing less than a conspiracy to deprive nutritional doctors of their hard-won licenses to practice medicine. These people do not plan to wait until there is a patient complaint because they know we have almost none of those. They are planning — in fact already have in some cases — to send bogus patients to try to entrap doctors, to find any little fault as a pretense to call those doctors before their state medical boards.

Why are we suddenly getting all this attention? Studies from 1993 show that large numbers of Americans prefer nutritional and other alternative ways of healing over traditional methods. Despite the fact that insurance companies cover very few of these services — which requires people to pay out of their own pockets for these services — 43% of the American public now prefers alternative approaches. The old order is terrified about this loss of income. They are equally upset that some medical schools, such as Harvard, Columbia, and Bastyr, are beginning to teach alternative medicine.

At the Federation of State Medical Boards meeting in Chicago, Friday, April 12th, 1996 self-appointed quack-buster Dr. John Renner lumped alternative medicine and quackery in the same stew contending that these words mean the same thing. He further ranted and raved about Julian Whitaker's Newsletter, Health & Healing. He bitterly complained that there are doctors out there not only doing chelation therapy but teaching it as well. Oh my!

Next up at the Chicago meeting was Robert Bell, the career prosecutor from the California Attorney General's office who represents the California Medical Association in disciplinary actions against physicians, a job he obviously relishes. Bell's definition of quackery is "unproven medical procedures," which indeed is a chilling thought. The U.S. Office of Technology reports that only 10-20% of all medical procedures are scientifically proven, the rest are not. Doctors do what they do because it works, and a small percentage of those procedures have had rigorous scientific study. That is true for both mainstream and nutritional doctors. But when a witch-hunt is on, fairness is the last thing in the mind of "quack busters." Robert Bell then went into chapter and verse as to how to successfully entrap and prosecute doctors practicing nutritional and other forms of alternative medicine.

But, all is not lost...

There is good news. You can become engaged in a political process which can save the day. Already in eight states Freedom of Choice in Health Care bills have been passed. Unless your state follows suit, good doctors like me will be headed to those states, or out of the country.

What you can do...

Go here: Investigate and partidipate.




What can I do?


Do it.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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