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Dr. Kennedy It is my unpleasant duty to report to the public the performance of one Sunil Vaswani, an Indian (supposed) webmaster who holds himself out as a person to do search engine optimization. In the Fall of 2007 I employed Sunil Vaswani, at the recommendation of my webmaster, to do work on my website to optimize the rankings of several of my articles on the search engines. Sunil Vaswani collected several months of income at the rate of $550 per month until February, 2008. At that time I looked to see what he had done and it turned out to be nothing. I gave Sunil Vaswani several opportunties to explain these facts, but he has remained out of communication. It is my opinion that Sunil Vaswani is a con artist who uses what knowledge he has of the Internet and of search engines to rip off people. By writing this article, I do my duty to warn the public about this Sunil Vaswani character.

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