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Dr. Kennedy This page is written in the interest of achieving a proper doctor / patient match. First of all, I will see you on time. I will take a complete history. I do not waste your time having you fill out a form, calling it a history, glancing over it and charging you money for the work you did, as is the usual practice in medicine in these times. I will ask questions and the answers you give (which I transcribe on computer as you speak) will lead to more questions and answers until I am satisfied that we have a complete accounting of your health problem. Until that is achieved, doctor and patient are not going to be successful.

I will also perform a relevant physical examination and use a dark field microscope to do a thorough high resolution blood cell morphology exam which is actually a microscopic extension of the physical exam. You will see this test on a computer screen and have it explained as it is performed. When all of that is complete I will give you a 15-20 minute break while I put together all the gathered information and then I will present to you a printed summary of my findings and recommendations an discuss it all with you. This process will require around three hours and the cost is $395.

If you have a "PPO" insurance, you should be able to recover at least some of that cost from your insurance company using a simple one page claims form. If additional testing is required, that cost is not included in the $395. I do not bill Medicare and in fact Medicare does not cover the cost of seeing doctors who provide alternative medicine outside the usual drugs and surgery approaches to treatment. If you have given over your Medicare to an HMO (such as Kaiser) or if you have joined an HMO as a paid subscriber, be aware that they will not cover the cost of seeing a doctor outside their system.

You may wish to further explore my Philosophy of Medicine article. If so, you can click on that hyperlink and continue reading. If you are already adequately informed, you can email me at for an appointment. Tell me your best times to be seen and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes. I will send you an appointment email. Please read it carefully.

The information in this article is not meant to be medical advice.�Treatment for a medical condition should come at the recommendation of your personal physician.

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