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Dr. Kennedy "Caudal" is an anatomic term meaning 1. Pertaining to the tail or the hind part, 2. Situated in or directed toward the tail or hind part, 3. Inferior to another structure, in the sense of being below it. The terms caudal and caudad are derived from the Latin cauda, tail. "Caudal" is also short for caudal epidural anesthesia which is sometimes used to ease the pain of childbirth and also for other purposes. The anesthesia is produced by injection of a local anesthetic into the caudal canal, the sacral portion of the spinal canal. Caudal anesthesia is used to provide anesthesia and analgesia (pain relief) below the umbilicus. It may be the sole anesthetic or combined with general anesthesia. Also called a caudal block.

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