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Small Cell Carcinoma (Oat Cell Carcinoma) Print E-mail

Dr. Kennedy Small cell carcinoma is a type of caancer usually associated with the lung where it is also know as oat cell carcinoma, though it can be associated with other locations, such as the cervix and the prostate gland. When found it in the lung the cells appear flat with little cytoplasm and this give rise to the name "oat cell" as it looks similar to an oat grain. It originates from neuroendocrine cells in the bronchus and often produces the hormones ADH and ACTH. It is the most widely metastatic of all tumors (and henced staged differently) and is sometimes seen in combination with squamous cell carcinomas. Smoking is a significant risk factor. Symptoms and signs are the same as those for other lung cancers. In the prostate, small cell carcinoma is rare, however it is difficult to diagnose due to the fact that there is little variation in prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels. Therfore, this form of cancer is normally diagnosed at an advanced stage.

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