Cancer Prevention (Steps to Prevent Cancer)

Cancer Prevention (Steps to Prevent Cancer)

Dr. Kennedy
Here are the steps I take to avoid cancer. Of course the stray gamma ray from across the universe could make it through the atmosphere and the lead lining of my roof (kidding about that roof business) and strike a chromosome in the wrong spot and cancer anyway. But just playing the odds, here it is (as I see it):

Educate yourself day to day on matters of health. Do not be sucked in by advertising, but look for non-biased information. Then act on what you learn.

Avoid smoke (direct or second hand) and alcohol and any other toxins you notice in life – watch out for inhaling volatile hydrocarbons (e.g. paint) or volatile anything for that matter, because you can’t know what’s in it or what effect it may have.

Avoid pesticides, herbicides, etc. – do not go near crop dusting for example, do not use bug spray in your house.

Choose organic food as much as possible realizing that it also can be contaminated.

Avoid genetically manipulated food (impossible in the U.S.)

20 minutes aerobic exercise (sweating, breathing heavy, wanting to quit, etc.) DAILY WITHOUT FAIL.

Strength training 3x per week.

Sleep as much as possible up to 8 hours per day (but if sleeping more than 8 hours per day, something is wrong) and keep regular waking and sleeping hours.

Take a potent, high content, nutritional supplement twice daily.

Take Vit. D 50,000 units once weekly (Google “cancer and vitamin D”).

Do something to detox EVERY DAY. This could be that high potency supplement, it could be 20 minutes in sauna, it could be a coffee enema – but something every day.

Create a peaceful, loving life and environment, keep your agreements, be loyal.

Choose a place to live as free from atmospheric pollution as possible – ideally Hawaii or the coast of California; avoid big cities.

Choose the right parents for strong genetics (rather difficult) and if cancer is prevalent in your cancer, be vigilant for it in yourself and report anything suspicious to your doctor.

Did I leave out anything?

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